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About Us


Collective Lifestyle is a brand with a mission of changing the world in a positive way. We started off in 2014 as a lifestyle blog on everything from life, advice, relationships, music, events, and much more with close to 15,000+ blogs and 30,000+ monthly visitors. Almost a year later we opened our Flagship store in Los Angeles. Our Collective Lifestyle store was in Northridge by Cal State University, Northridge in the San Fernando Valley, also known as "The Valley," that has a purpose of providing fashion, music, art, and live events to the LA area. In 2018, we decided not to renew our lease in an effort to make a pivot in our business model.

Currently on 6 years in business, still growing, and still working on changing the world in a positive way. Although still an independent startup, we've received numerous awards from the City of Los Angeles, the U.S. Small Business Administration, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (we were invited to his house too :) , the California State Assembly, and more for the work that we're doing. Our local government and community are taking notice of what we're doing and so is the rest of the city of LA. 

We even used to produce a 7-day summer event series called the Reseda Blvd Summer Series. It's a 7-day event series spread throughout the summer with multiple live music stages, an art walk, art installations with various positive messages, a vendor village, educational workshops & panels, food trucks, and many more surprises. 

Those are just some of the things we do. We also give away free gear. We've given away pens at CSUN that said "Follow Your Dreams." We've hosted a few celebrities. And have hosted a few spoken word nights, art shows, and events at our shop. We're not super established yet, but we're working on it every day. We've actually had some really big notable names wear our gear too. Our goal isn't to sell clothing forever... It's to change the world in a positive way. Every purchase you make from Collective Lifestyle helps support our dream of changing the world in a positive way. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We'll respond. :)

Thanks for supporting! We love you all! 

Stay tuned for our creative space coming soon. 



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